Reasons to list your house in the winter

Reasons to list your house during the winter

While there maybe are fewer buyers during this time, the buyers that are out there looking are very serious.

There are fewer houses on the market during this time so your house will have less competition. Less competition also means more money! And everyone loves more money for their house!!

There is an increase in internet traffic during the winter so your house will get greater exposure.

Realtors, title companies, inspectors and appraisers are less busy during the winter so your listing and offer will get more attention. It will be easier to schedule.

I know some people don’t want to move during the winter but from the time you get an accepted offer to closing can take up to a couple of months so you might not be moving till early spring.

If you house has new windows, insulation, furnace those are great selling features during the winter.

Also during the winter is a great time to have your fireplace going when someone is coming over for a showing.

Tips for selling your house in winter:

If you are selling a seasonal house you’re not occupying year round please make sure you have the ability to keep the snow cleared from drive way and sidewalks. Also if you have winterized your house keep in mind you will most likely have to de-winterize for inspections.

Also if you have nice pictures of your yard during the summer give those to your Realtor. This way winter buyers will know what is lying under the snow.

Because it gets darker in the winter make sure for showings to have the curtains open and lights on. It will give a warmer feel to your house.

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