Spring cleaing your house for before listing!!

Today with the great weather and early selling/buying season I thought I would do some tips to clean your house for a quick and lucrative sale.

1. Washer your windows inside and out. If you are horrible at washing windows like me consider hiring a professional or let your husband learn how to like I did. Make sure you don’t forget the window sills also.

2. If your curtains are part of the sale or not, take them down and just throw them into the dryer on air fluff. This will get any dust out of them and make them look fresh again.

3. Make sure you dust all the stuff that gets skipped sometimes: ceiling fans, door frames, baseboards or above your kitchen cabinets.

4. Move the furniture away from walls and clean behind them.

5. Have your carpets professionally cleaned, buyers notice odors and spots right away.

6. Check out your exterior doors and make sure there is not peeling paint or they don’t need a fresh bead of chalk around them. First impressions really make a difference.

7. If you are including your appliances give them a thorough cleaning.

8. If you have a glass shower door or tile shower make sure you get that spotless. Bathrooms and kitchens really sell a house.

9. Make sure you don’t forget the yard. If you have pets make sure you clean up all the “presents” they leave over the winter in the yard. Its also a good idea to clean up flower beds , clean up any dead plants and lay new mulch.

10. As for porches and patios, make sure they are sweep and pressure wash if needed. As long as you have the pressure washer out it would be a good idea to do your homes exterior.

Just keep in mind if a buyer is looking at your house and someone else and you have done all these things it could be possibly be the deciding factor. As always houses in move in ready shape sell for more and all sellers love that. So if a few extra hours of cleaning gets you more money its well worth it.

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