6 things that’ll help sell your house faster:

First things first seller need to think about is their house is a product, something to market and stop thinking of it emotionally as a home. I realize that is easy for me to say because it’s not where I brought home kids for the first time, shared Christmas dinners, had family gatherings, or any other emotional memory.

But these are my pointers …..

1. Stage the yard

The first thing people see when driving up to a home is the yard. Buyers make an instant determination of how desirable a home is by how it looks. A beautiful front yard makes a good impression that should continue when potential buyers walk in the house. Remove weeds, rake leaves, trim hedges and anything else to clean it up. Then, you can work on staging the yard.

Anything new including plants, mulch or a fresh coat of paint on the front door will always brighten up a yard. Keep a realistic budget in mind, and skip the major projects (such as a new driveway) unless absolutely necessary.

2.Clean, clean, clean

The power of a good cleaning job, inside and out, can’t be emphasized enough. Start outside the house after staging the yard. Pressure washing the walls and cleaning the windows is a good start.

If the sellers are considering repainting, try cleaning first to see how the home looks. Often just removing dirt is enough to brighten the home’s look.

Inside the home, homeowners need to get into every corner and crevice to remove dust, grime or dirt. The places people will be most impressed by the work are the kitchen and bathrooms. The more “new” the house looks, especially in those rooms, the better the impression on buyers.

3. Remodel or upgrade

The best returns come from the smallest improvements; new trim (door and window casings, baseboard, crown molding), new paint and new flooring all create a fresh new look around the home at minimal cost.

Stepping up from that includes upgrading appliances, fixtures (lights, faucets, etc.) and replacing windows. These will all make the home look newer and nicer, which helps the home sell faster.

4. Declutter and stage the home

All the “little stuff” sellers have around their house, including collectibles and photos, should be put away. Buyers want to visualize living there. The more stuff they have, the harder it is to visualize.

Decluttering makes rooms feel larger, this makes the home more appealing to buyers.

Equally important is how well the home shows in photography. As with curb appeal, the better the home looks inside, the faster it will sell.

5. Use professional looking photography and marketing

All too often consumers don’t question the quality of the photos used to market the home. At RE/Max we send you the data sheet for your approval on the information we are marketing.

With over 90 percent of buyers doing their shopping online, professional looking photos are essentially in attracting more buyers and selling the home faster and at a better price.

Good marketing and photos makes a huge difference in how buyers see a home. All of which are designed to get buyers to fall in love with and buy the home.

6. Price effectively

A good agent will analyze recent sales and select a price that is designed to entice buyers to make offers. Pricing a home is not like pricing a car or TV. What the buyer ultimately pays is rarely what the list price. Reason this works is that the lower price makes the home visible to more buyers and appears to be a bargain. When this pricing strategy is combined with all the steps mentioned above, buyers see a beautiful home in excellent condition at a great price. Of course, they want to write an offer!

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